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There are groups within every community that are seen as vulnerable such as children, youth, disabled and the aged. These groups often are unable to meet their own needs based on their age or ability. Vulnerable groups need assistance to have access to things such as food, shelter, healthcare and even emotional care. Many of these groups of people are in dire need of help around the world. RivLife takes note of the importance of assisting these vulnerable groups and models programmes that can address the needs of these groups.

Vulnerable Groups

Economic growth is key to a sustainable and functioning community. The rate of unemployment and poverty in South Africa is high because of the difficulty of breaking the cycle.  By creating opportunity to break this cycle, RivLife strives to advance the economic climate within the community it serves in hopes of bettering lives.

Economic Empowerment
South Africa has the largest number of HIV positive people living in any country. The lack of education and awareness is a clear and obvious problem as to why the spread of the disease has not come to a stop. HIV/AIDS has many myths and lies that surround it, therefore the stop of this disease has been made even more difficult. People are unaware of what it is, how it is contracted, and how it can be treated. RivLife strives to address this issue as one of its main focuses when establishing programmes within the community.

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